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Master Plumbers Association member

Are you looking for plumbers in Sydney who are part of the Master Plumbers Association?

Our owner Greg, who is the former president of the Master Plumbers Association, has been a member for over 25 years.

The Master Plumbers Association is an industry body that supports highly qualified and experienced Sydney plumbers. Their focus is aligned with our commitment to provide nothing less than excellence to our Sydney customers.

We’re also a certified EnviroPlumber

As well as being a member of the Master Plumbers Association, we’re a certified EnviroPlumber.

The Master Plumbers Association joined forces with the Department of Environment and Conservation in New South Wales to develop the Enviroplumber program; an initiative where professional plumbing contractors can complete accreditation courses in sustainable plumbing practices.

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This course covers regulatory requirements, environmental management and plumbing practices that fit with the new world of sustainable plumbing.

We have completed that accreditation. As an EnviroPlumber, we are now qualified to offer you advice on sustainable plumbing practices.