NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said consumers should consider several cold weather safety warnings as temperatures start to drop with the onset of autumn and pay heed to recent heater recalls of dual burner butane stoves.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer, so beware of the potential risks in using some forms of gas heating.

Faulty or poorly maintained gas appliances can produce deadly carbon monoxide.


  • Always have a source of fresh air entering the room when using un-flued gas heaters.
  • Check on your elderly relatives because they may not realise their heater could be making them unwell.
  • Don’t use un-flued heaters in bedrooms.
  • Gas heaters must be certified and should be serviced every two years or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If a gas heater produces a pungent odour, a sooty flame or the flame is yellow in colour, stop using it immediately and get it serviced.

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There is a current warning about Cannon Fitzroy and Canterbury Inbuilt Gas Heaters, built between 20 March 2001 and 8 October 2009. These heaters can produce potentially hazardous levels of carbon monoxide if the heater is subject to certain conditions including the operation of range hoods and other exhaust fans. If you think you have one of these heaters, call Cannon on 1800 035 410. Do not use your heater until it is checked. 20,000 were sold nationally.

Fair Trading has also previously warned the public about butane gas cookers. Recent recalls include Campmaster and Wildcountry dual burner butane stoves. 

A list of all recalled heaters can be found here.