Blocked Drains

Fixing blocked drains

Fixing blocked drainsWe can provide an emergency plumber in Sydney to help you with a blocked drain. On call 24/7, our emergency plumbing team is fully equipped with the latest drain cameras and high pressure jet systems needed to find and fix drain blockages.

Our Sydney plumbers deal with many causes of blocked drains and blocked sewers.




To fix a blocked drain or blocked sewer, we’ll first need to identify the cause. It could be anything such as:

  • Tree roots that have damaged pipework
  • Old pipes that have deteriorated over time
  • Blocked drains caused by ground movement
  • A build up of fats or oils that have solidified in the drain
  • Soap residue that has built up over time
  • Large amounts of hair that have blocked drains
  • Food scraps that have blocked drains
  • Foreign objects that have blocked pipes