Drain Relining

Drain Relining

How do you know if you need to reline a pipe?

Nobody likes a blocked drain – it is inconvenient, annoying and sometimes messy. It also disrupts your daily chores like washing the dishes or having a shower. However, your blocked drain may be more than what it seems; it may indicate that you have damaged or broken pipes.

Here are some signs you may have broken pipes:

  • Recurring blocked drains
  • Leaking drains
  • Strange noises
  • Strange coloured water
  • Low water flow

If you are unsure whether your pipe is broken or damaged and may need relining, there is no need to stress –  this is what we are here for!

At Killara Plumbing we will thoroughly investigate the issue and talk to you every step of the way, clearly explaining what is required and what we have identified.


Here is what is involved from start to finish if your pipes do need relining.

First, we will find out what’s blocking your drain. We do this by sending a small camera down to give us the best possible look without digging up your garden or driveway.

Second, we will unblock and clean the drain; at this point if the pipe isn’t damaged we will not go further. However if the pipes are damaged we will continue on.

We will place a new pipe inside the existing broken or old pipe, threading it through from one end to the other. And there is no digging required! The new pipe will have a self-adhesive (usually epoxy, polyester, silicate, vinyl ester and resin) on its outer surface, which will stick, and bind to the original pipe. The new pipe will be allowed time to cure or set to the damaged pipe.

Next is the final double-check with our drain camera. If everything is clear, we will give you the go ahead so you can shower, wash the dishes, do the laundry, wash your car or wash your dog with clean running water.

What are the benefits of relining a pipe rather than digging it up the old fashioned way and replacing it?

Eliminates the need for costly excavation. There is a large cost involved with excavating to unblock drains and repair pipes due to the labour and machinery used. In addition to the cost is the hassle of restoring the outdoor area or garden to how it was before all the digging.

It’s quicker. Pipe relining takes hours not days, getting your home or business up and running with clean water sooner rather than later.

Superior strength. Pipes used for drain relining consist of materials much stronger than the average PVC pipe. The stronger the pipe, the less chance there is of tree roots infiltrating the system and blocking your drains anytime soon.

Increases the longevity of your pipe. Due to the adhesive on the outside of the new pipe, it will self-mould to all areas of the existing pipe, including the joints. The absence of joints (which are usually where tree roots get in) and the superior materials will increase the lifespan of the pipe to up to 50 years, saving you money in the long run by reducing the need for unblocking drains and pipe repairs.

For more information or a quote on our drain relining service, please call us on 1300 854 391.